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About What A Scream

What A Scream the podcast first aired in February 2021 as an escape from the monotony and loneliness of being in lockdown. Creator Ygraine wished to connect with more than just her three-year old mini-monster and so reached out to the far corners of the world for horror industry insiders, critics and fans alike to discuss their love for cinema's greatest genre.


Having worked as a critic and journalist, and contributing to an array of incredible publications both online and in print, Ygraine decided to crank up the Tesla Coils, check the brain is in place and bring to life the What A Scream website – the ultimate destination for horror movie reviews, news, and discussions. The What A Scream team consists of passionate horror fans, bringing you in-depth analysis and opinions on the latest and greatest in the world of horror. From classic films to modern masterpieces, we cover it all. So join us, and let's dive into the heart of fear together.

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